Sean brings extensive leadership experience in IoT, SaaS, and Real Estate

VENTURA, CA, USA, June 5, 2023 — Sensor Industries Corp., the leading AI-powered water conservation company, proudly announces that veteran technology executive Sean Miller has joined the Sensor Industries team as Chief Revenue Officer.

“We are pleased to have Sean join the team in order to help us shape our future and drive sustainable growth. I am confident that Sean’s passion for leading revenue driving activities within technology companies that are pioneering novel solutions to real problems, especially his tremendous track record growing PropTech companies, will be invaluable as Sensor Industries enters its next phase.” said Dave Duckwitz, CEO, Sensor Industries.

Prior to joining Sensor Industries, Sean was CEO and Co-Founder of Griot, a communication and knowledge capture tool specifically designed for skilled trades. Preceding Griot, Sean was the President of PointCentral, an subsidiary that pioneered smart property platforms for apartments/MDUs, single family rentals and vacation rentals. Before PointCentral, Sean led Global Sales and Business Development for WeMo, Belkin’s smart home business unit, and launched Mobile Link, a remote monitoring service, at Generac.

In an era of rising utility expenses, greater demand on our limited natural resources, and growing environmental consciousness, the need for smart building solutions is increasing rapidly. Sensor Industries has been at the forefront of commercial IoT water waste prevention and damage control since 2016. Sensor Industries delivers smart water monitoring and water risk management technologies that conserve natural water resources and reduce damage from water intrusion, thereby lowering both operating costs and a building’s environmental footprint.

“The world is heading towards a water crisis. In the US alone, the population has doubled over the past 50 years, while water consumption has tripled (EPA). Sensor Industries harnesses data that we have collected and analyzed from over 500 million gallons of water usage to help our customers identify and eliminate water waste on a massive scale.” said Sean.

“I feel incredibly privileged and excited to be part of a mission-driven organization that is focused on a double bottom line of helping the planet to be better stewards of a precious resource, while also saving property owners 15% or more in water and sewage costs each month.”