I’m Sean Miller, CRO of Sensor Industries. Water is more than a business cost. It is a strategic environmental consideration.🌐🌐🌐

That’s why I decided last year to join the Sensor Industries water warriors and work on water issues for commercial real estate. I’ve long been passionate about helping asset managers and owners of multi-unit dwellings reap the benefits of building tech, but it’s a combination of trends that pulled me into water IoT.

The headlines tell us water management is an environmental imperative. With 40 U.S. states on the brink of water challenges, the EPA echoes the urgency for conservation. But that is not enough. We also need to consider the energy and carbon implications of water.

Water and energy are interdependent. There are major energy costs embedded in water – from treatment and conveyance, to distribution, heating, wastewater treatment, and the electricity generation mix. The EPA estimates that the average carbon footprint of tap water in the US is about 0.36 kg CO2 per cubic meter. This is likely to surge as climate change intensifies.📈

💡We can reduce the carbon footprint of water by reducing losses, conserving, and finding more efficient and renewable energy sources.💡

This is what I will explore in my series of 2024 water insights. I will combine insights from sources such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Green Building Council, The Pacific Institute , National Multifamily Housing Council, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Building Owners and Managers Association International, National Apartment Association, American Seniors Housing Association, National Affordable Housing Management Association, American Hotel and Lodging Association with my expertise, to help the community figure out the best ways to address water issues in multi-unit properties.

I won’t be urging you to bust out your water and sewer bills just yet. First, we’ll widen the lens. Let’s start with water’s intersection with energy and its carbon footprint.

Are you ready to join me in this journey? Let’s get this dialogue started!