Water Leak Detection to Improve NOI in Student Housing

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Water Waste and Leak Detection Solutions

Toilet Leak Solution for Cost Savings

According to the Water Research Foundation, toilets are the #1 source of indoor household use.

  • 5% of apartment toilets are leaking, wasting up to 5,000 gallons per day
  • Rest assured with real-time monitoring, alerts and reporting
  • Save water to make an environmental impact and support ESG goals
  • Monitored sensors save 17,000 gallons annually, $233 per toilet*
  • Typical payback period is 12-20 months, depending on utility cost

($0.0135 to $0.2 per gallon)

Water Leak Solution for Cost Avoidance

According to The National Multifamily Housing Council, damage from water leaks is the #1 cause of insurance claims.

  • Proactively detect leaks to avoid water damage to multiple floors
  • Preserve your maintenance budget
  • Avoid higher insurance premiums
  • Minimize tenant disruption
  • Typical payback period is a single leak event



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Find out how to improve your NOI and safeguard your property

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