A stuck open flapper leaks 5,000 gallons a day!

SI-Flush detects leaky toilets and transmits alerts directly to your mobile device in real-time.

SI-Flush Sensors

More than 20% of ALL TOILETS are leaking and they’re the #1 cause of water loss in multi-unit residential buildings – billions of dollars in Net Operating Income are lost each year due to the undetected waste!

With water costs perpetually increasing faster than rents, property owners bear the brunt of wasted water costs with no visibility into the source of the waste.

Until now, there has been no cost-effective solution to monitor and notify property owners of leak loss. SI-Flush and the SI-Mesh Network solve this problem.


SI-Flush Sensors rescue unseen water waste by monitoring and reporting on leaks in real-time.

SI-Flush Sensors – How They Work

Easily inserted between the supply line and fill valve on any toilet, SI-Flush Sensors monitor and report each time a toilet is flushed and water fills the tank. Our patent-pending sensor design is sleek yet durable and includes a micro-computer, radio board, reed switch and small magnet. When water flows into the toilet, the magnet is pushed up by water pressure – it then closes the reed switch and counts time. When the water stops, the magnet drops and the time packet is sent through the SI-Mesh network and up to our cloud servers for analysis. If a leak is detected, a real-time text message alert is sent to the building manager to minimize water waste and unnecessary water costs.

Water Waste Facts

With an average of 20% of all toilets leaking, multi-unit property owners lose thousands of dollars in wasted water each day. Sensor Industries lets you know when water is leaking because your tenants never will!
The average toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day.


City of Daytona Beach

A medium sized toilet leak wastes 250 gallons per day.


New York City Environmental Protection

More than 20% of gravity-flush toilets leak.


Southeastern Water Association

About 20% of all toilets leak.


Saint Paul Regional Water Services

Water can flow through an open fill valve at a rate of three to five gallons per minute.


New York City Environmental Protection

It is estimated that 20% of all toilets leak!


City of Kirkland Washington

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Sensor Industries provides cost-effective solutions and technologies that identify and control unseen wasted water to save multi-unit property owners thousands each month in utility costs.

RiverPointe Apartments, Columbus, Ohio

164 Units – 328 Toilets

Total Investment:   $82,000

Including networked sensor product and installation, 5 years of monitoring, 5 year warranty

Annual Savings $87,492
ROI Payback Within the first 12 months

Owner was paying $21k+/mo for water before installing sensors in October 2018.
Water bill dropped to $14k.
Sensor Industries increased the owner's property value by $1.3M in the first year!


Systems were monitored for one month prior to maintenance engineers taking action. Stuck open leaks (in red) were drastically reduced immediately and the water bill plunged.

A stuck-open flapper can leak up to 5,000 gallons a day. If 20% of your toilets leak and you have 1,000 units, and the average price of water is 2 cents a gallon in the U.S., you’re losing $8,000 a day for every 1,000 units.

SI-Flush Sensors are easy to install 

Installation of the SI-Flush Sensor is plug-and-play and takes about 2 – 3 minutes per fixture, without requiring a plumber. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to install SI-Toilet Sensors.

SI-Flush Saves Money

SI-Dash Reporting

Si-Dash – our comprehensive analytics dashboard monitors all units 24/7 and alerts you to any potential problems as they occur. By tracking each toilet in your complex it’s easy to determine the exact culprit every time there is a leak, allowing you to complete precise and timely repairs. Set your preferences to receive frequent emails and monthly performance reports for each of your properties and their units.

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