Helping Hotel and Resort Communities Save Water and Drive Net Operating Income

Today, your hotel and resort community can benefit from water technology solutions that provide non-intrusive monitoring 24/7. This means your units are protected from water damage around the clock. Leaks waste water and damage properties. Recently released data indicate that leaks are the biggest driver of insurance claims and premiums are on the rise.
As you make plans for your 2024 maintenance budget, consider leak sensors to reduce the number of leaks, insurance costs and leak remediation costs. Our solutions offer:
  • Compliance with insurance policies requiring water alert systems
  • Real-time alerts delivered the way your team works (email, text, app)
  • 24/7 dashboard access, real-time updates and automatic reporting for your ESG needs
  • Plumber-free setup, longest battery life in the industry

Profile: Luxury Timeshare in Indio, California

Property details: 463 units spread over several buildings

Problem solved: Leaks were wasting water, damaging the property, encouraging mold growth and insurance premiums were rising dramatically

Solution: In 2019, installed 394 rope sensors around tanked water heaters, drywall sensors with software-enabled real time monitoring, and U.S. based support services. Sensor Industries provided a certificate for insurance purposes verifying leak solution was installed

Prior to Sensor Industries solution:
12 insurance claims due to water intrusion events in the 6 months prior

Prior to Sensor Industries solution:
12 insurance claims due to water intrusion events in the 6 months prior

Post Sensor Industries solution:

  • 0 insurance claims due to water intrusion events, sustained to present
  • Saved $497,800 in direct costs in the first 6 months
  • Proven ability to proactively detect and respond to leaks helped them reduce their insurance premium
Net Operating Income Savings: $790k per annum

Investment: $115,750

Property Value Created: $16M

Payback Period: < 2 months

Smart, Connected and Customizable Solutions

Our solutions give you central management, reporting and customizable control, include expert installation, and are supported by a team of water experts.

Leak Sensor Solutions

Detect catastrophic leaks and get notified before disaster strikes.

  • Property managers spend significant operating budget to repair damage from undetected indoor leaks
  • Leak sensors detect flowing or freestanding water and sends a notification within seconds via email, text or app
  • This gives you control and security over the health and status of your property

Flush Sensor Solutions

Rescue unseen water waste by monitoring and reporting on leaks in real time.

  • >20% of all toilets are leaking, a huge source of water loss. If you have 1,000 units, you’re losing $8,000 a day*
  • Installation does not require a plumber and takes 2-3 minutes per fixture
  • Set preferences about frequency of alerts
  • Receive performance reports for your properties

* U.S. average price of water $.02

Shutoff Valve Solutions

Mitigate damage by shutting off water at the time a leak event occurs.

  • Wireless and battery-operated with 10+ year battery life
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Remote triggering for open and close operations
  • Exceptional signal penetration

Ultrasonic Submeter Solutions

  • Static and bi-directional flow measurement without moving parts or wear and tear
  • High metering accuracy, as low as 0.01 GPM; eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles, or air pockets
  • Long-term measurement reliability; 15 year battery life
  • 9 digits, multi-line LCD; total volume and instantaneous flow rate indication at the same time
  • Installation is possible in any position, no straight pipe-run needed
  • Compliant with standards related to safety of materials in contact with drinking water (NSF, ANSI, CAN 61) and electromagnetic interference (FCC part 15C)
  • Measurement units include volume and flow rate; Gal-GPM, ft3-ft3/h

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