Wireless Network

SI-Mesh Wireless Network

Sensor Industries’ proprietary MaaS (Monitoring-as-a-Service) platform and patent-pending SI-Mesh wireless network are designed to power a vast combination of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, repeaters, and transmitters that monitor and report on a wide variety of environmental conditions and building performance systems.

The hardware is made functional utilizing a low-frequency radio signal that gathers sensor data and sends it via the web to our AI-managed database that processes, stores and displays real-time information through our SI-Dash reporting tool.

Access to this vital data lowers costs, reduces risks, reduces waste, and provides new revenue opportunities for property owners.

Our flagship products have been deployed and focus on eliminating water loss due to toilet leaks and undetected indoor floods for large multi-unit and commercial property owners, and we have helped our customers save over 23 million gallons in water to date.The sensors are easy to install, easy to monitor, and do not require a plumber or specialist for installation.


Harnessing data that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) we identify and eliminate water waste on a massive scale.

SI-Mesh vs WiFi

The difference between Sensor Industries and all others is our ability to build vast networks that span over several buildings effortlessly. Unlike WiFi that connects via line-of-sight, our SI-Mesh network leverages low-frequency radio signals and is quicker, cheaper, scalable, and more reliable than any other.

Low-power Batteries

Our batteries last for years and here’s why: The biggest drain on a small battery powering a sensor is the current expenditure required for the actual radio transmissions of the data being generated by the sensor. Existing off-the-shelf sensor network applications have been designed to work with multiple types of data that require a large, overhead file structure regardless of the actual size of the data packets which they carry. Transmitting these large file structures causes a relatively rapid discharge of the battery.

Our devices have been specifically designed to eliminate extraneous file structures while transporting just the specific data packets generated by our sensors. This technology has extended our sensor battery life to several years.


Once SI-Mesh is installed, we can layer on a wide range of additional sensors for increased property management efficiency.

From protecting valuable museum artwork with Light Meters, to saving lives with Carbon Monoxide, Smoke, and Occupancy monitors, the MaaS platform has endless possibilities for scalability and innovation.

Si-Dash Reporting

Si-Dash – our comprehensive analytics dashboard monitors all units 24/7 and alerts you to any potential problems as they occur. By tracking each toilet and flood sensor in your complex it’s easy to determine the exact culprit every time there is a leak, allowing you to complete precise and timely repairs. Set your preferences to receive frequent emails and monthly performance reports for each of your properties and their units.


We provide cost-effective solutions and technologies that identify and control unseen wasted water to save multi-unit property owners thousands each month in utility costs.

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