SI-Dash Reporting and Analytics


A vast amount of powerful data is generated on the SI-Mesh network – from live Sensor reports to periodic firmware updates, information is always flowing throughout SI-Mesh.

We understand the importance of this data and have developed a simple but comprehensive dashboard called SI-Dash to help our customers easily understand and monitor their systems 24/7.


Si-Dash displays actionable insights to crucial information allowing you to quickly analyze trends and make meaningful decisions on the data.

Quickly Identify Water Waste 24/7

Si-Dash monitors all units 24/7 and alerts you to any potential problems as they occur. By tracking each toilet and flood sensor in your complex it’s easy to determine the exact culprit every time there is a leak, allowing you to complete precise and timely repairs. Set your preferences to receive frequent emails and monthly performance reports for each of your properties and their units.

Si-Dash is internally linked to multiple relevant data sources and continues to update changes in real-time. The system delivers critical information to time-sensitive tasks, presenting data deviations quickly and clearly, along with their current status and recommended action items.

Control unseen wasted water and save thousands each month in utility costs.

Customize Your Dashboard for Different Personas

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Summarized Data – see properties ranked by performance


Real-time Data – view work orders, system health, manage installations


Current Work Orders – action-focused, what needs to be fixed immediately

Dive Into The Data

SI-Dash provides a robust yet easy-to-use and agile interface with multiple paths for users to filter pertinent data. From your entire portfolio to the individual raw event, you have complete visibility into the system. Step from company, to complex, to unit, down to an individual sensor with customizable charts and tools that make it easy to identify and stop water waste.

Work Orders

We constantly track leaks and generate daily work orders that provide you the information to prioritize fixes and track the work of your maintenance team.

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