Save Water!
Save Money!

Explode your Net Operating Income!
Harnessing data that utilizes the Internet of Things we identify and eliminate water waste on a massive scale, saving multi-unit property owners thousands in utility costs each month.
Our scalable suite of IoT solutions and technologies leverage real-time data to stop catastrophic floods and control water waste that tenants or hotel guests just don’t report.

SI-Toilet Sensors

More than 20% of ALL TOILETS are leaking and they’re the #1 source of water waste for multi-unit property owners.

Until now, there was no cost-effective solution to monitor and notify property owners of leak loss.

SI-Flood Sensors

A single undetected flood caused by leaking plumbing, hoses, or appliances can cause catastrophic damage and expense ranging into the millions.

The SI-Flood Sensor detects water waste emergencies and alerts you of a flood in real-time via text message.

The Wireless Mesh Network

Sensor Industries’ patent-pending proprietary wireless Mesh network is specifically designed to power a vast network of sensors that monitor and report on a wide array of environmental conditions and building performance systems.

Access to this vital data lowers costs, reduces risks, and provides new revenue opportunities for property owners.

SI-Dash Analytics & Reporting

Our state-of-the-art Dashboard provides a visual, real-time look at your data, empowering your teams to maximize actionable insights, interact with work orders, and manage installed systems.

Hear how our customers leverage SI- solutions to save water and make money!

Marc Menowitz, Apartment Corp CEO

Apartment Corp CEO Marc Menowitz discusses saving water and making money with Sensor Industries.

Colin Fink, RealTech Development & Construction

RealTech Development & Construction’s Colin Fink discusses how SI-Flood Sensors help reduce their risk of catastrophic leaks.