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Testimonial Videos

Marc Menowitz, Apartment Corp CEO

Apartment Corp CEO Marc Menowitz discusses saving water and making money with Sensor Industries.

Colin Fink, RealTech

RealTech Development & Construction’s Colin Fink discusses how SI-Flood Sensors help reduce their risk of catastrophic leaks.

Product Videos

Case Studies

RiverPointe Apartments, Columbus, Ohio

164 Units – 328 Toilets

Owner was paying $21k+/mo for water before installing sensors in October 2018.

Water bill dropped to $14k.

Sensor Industries increased the owner’s property value by $1.3M in the first year!

Gates on Manhattan Apartments, Harvey, Louisiana

276 Units – 408 Toilets

Owner’s average water bill was $11,754/mo for water before installing sensors in May 2018.

Systems were monitored for one month prior to maintenance engineers taking action. Stuck open leaks (in red) were drastically reduced immediately and the water bill plunged.

Average water bill has dropped to $6859.



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Client Testimonials

See what customers have to say about Sensor Industries and the success they’ve achieved with our solutions.

I have tried everything … Sensor Industries solution is the only thing that works.

With Sensor Industries I’ve been able to add over $8M in value creation on just 8 properties in less than 1 year. In my 40 years of owning a large portfolio of Multi-family residential units, Sensor Industries is the first solution I’ve come across that not only saves us money – but makes us A LOT of MONEY!

Marc Menowitz

Founder, CEO, Apartment Corp.

Within a day of installing the Sensor Industries system in our 14 unit building, we found a malfunctioning toilet which had been driving our water bill to inexplicable levels. Not only has our water bill dropped significantly, but with our weekly reports we have been able to repair new problems immediately before they can become costly.

Jim Whilt

Santa Barbara, CA

We’ve always prided ourselves on our proactive approach to manage our costs while providing a good residential experience for our tenants. Sensor Industries has lowered our water bills and increased our net operating income. We have also been very pleased with the customer service and support we get from Sensor Industries.

Lucio Volpi

Los Angeles, CA

To be without Sensor Industries leak/flood technology solution is to decide to throw away your money.

Sensor Industries absolutely worked as advertised. Sensor Industries is with you from the start of the project to the end and beyond. They spend the time with you to ensure that you are well prepared for the installation and provide guidance so that any unforeseen pitfalls can be avoided. Our client’s are now seeing the results and benefits of deploying such a robust leak/flood detection technology solution.

Errol Small

Managing Director, Encompass Group – Reseller Partner – TimberCreek REIT 40,000 Unit Portfolio

In the past we had on average a flood a month that would require repairs. Some of these floods were severe that resulted in the millions of dollars in damages. We have not had an uncaught flood, or even a minor one, since we installed the system.

Jeffrey Buttikofer

CFO, COO, Realtech Construction Co.

Because our water bills from LADWP were fluctuating greatly, we agreed to put the Sensor Industries system in one of our buildings. The data immediately showed several problem toilets which were wasting over half of all the water being used by all the toilets.

Joanna Crawford

Los Angeles, CA

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