Our hotel customers tell us that every drop of water counts—both in terms of guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. High-end properties like luxury hotels, resorts, and vacation destinations face unique challenges when it comes to water management. At the heart of these challenges lie two common but often overlooked issues: water leaks and leaking toilets.

Here I will share a memorable customer story for each one. 

The Hidden Costs of Water Leaks

First, I’ll take you to a high-end property. These types of multi-unit dwellings face unique challenges in water management, from preventing leaks to avoiding property damage and managing insurance costs. A notable example is a luxury timeshare resort in Indio, California, which faced severe water management issues before implementing our advanced water sensor technology.

12 Claims from Water Intrusion
This sprawling timeshare property, with 463 units spread across several buildings, was grappling with leaks that led to water waste, property damage, and mold growth. These issues were not only causing operational disruptions but also driving up insurance premiums dramatically. In the six months before deploying our solution, the property had to file 12 insurance claims due to water intrusion events.

A Smart Solution for Comprehensive Water Management
In 2019, the timeshare installed 394 rope sensors around tanked water heaters and drywall sensors, all connected to software-enabled real-time monitoring. Our U.S.-based support services provided continuous oversight, ensuring any leaks were swiftly detected and addressed. Additionally, we supplied a certificate for insurance purposes, verifying that a robust leak detection solution was in place.

Impressive Results
The impact of our solution was immediate and substantial:

  • Insurance Claims: Reduced from 12 to 0 in the first six months, a trend that has continued.
  • Cost Savings: $497,800 saved in direct costs within the first six months.
  • Insurance Premiums: The ability to proactively detect and respond to leaks contributed to a reduction in insurance premiums.
  • Net Operating Income Savings: $790,000 annually.

For more detail, including property value increases and payback period, read the full story here.

Toilet Leaks: An Invisible and Expensive Drain on Resources

Next I’ll take you to a bustling luxury hotel with commanding views of the ocean and a reputation for unparalleled service. With hundreds of guest rooms and a dedicated staff, maintaining high standards is crucial. However, a significant problem lurked beneath the surface—leaking toilets were driving up utility expenses and wasting precious resources.

Industry research indicates that toilets are the #1 source of indoor water use, and at any given time, 5% to 20% of them are leaking. This hotel needed a solution that would tackle water waste efficiently without disrupting the guest experience. They turned to our IoT-powered water sensor technology, which offers real-time monitoring and immediate leak detection.

The Power of Real-Time Monitoring
Traditional visual inspections often miss subtle leaks that can lead to substantial water loss over time. Our solution provides 24/7 surveillance of the hotel’s water systems, pinpointing leaks and prioritizing maintenance work orders seamlessly. The hotel implemented our sensors and software, leading to remarkable outcomes within the first year:

  • Monthly Savings: $9,675 to $15,285
  • Reduction in Water Use: 22.3% per available room (PAR) per day
  • Environmental Impact: Reduced water and sewer use by 1 to 2 million gallons per month

Real Stories, Real Savings
A notable instance involved a toilet that had been leaking for months, consuming over 175,000 gallons of water. Despite passing visual inspections, our sensor technology detected the leak, allowing for a swift repair. This single fix not only prevented further waste but also highlighted the importance of continuous, automated monitoring.

Another case revealed a leak responsible for a loss of 25,000 gallons in an apartment, underscoring the hidden nature of many water issues. These examples illustrate that without smart water technology, significant leaks can go undetected for long periods, leading to unnecessary costs and environmental impact.

Why Choose Smart Water Solutions?
For asset managers and property managers in the hospitality industry, embracing smart water technology is a proactive step toward sustainability and cost-efficiency. By reducing reliance on behavior changes and visual inspections, our solution ensures consistent results and significant savings.

To get more detail, including the investment and payback period, get the full story here.

You Know Your Property. We Know Water. 

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