In hotel and resort communities, where every drop counts, embracing water technology solutions is not just a choice; it’s a strategic move that can maximize your net operating income (NOI). As you consider sustainability projects in your 2024 budget, let’s look at the basics of proactive water leak detection and toilet leak sensors to not only save water but maximize NOI.  

Proactive Solutions to Minimize Damage from Water Leaks

Water damage is a formidable foe, and leaks are its silent accomplices. Recent news from the American Hotel & Lodging Association has sounded the alarm, revealing that leaks are the primary culprits behind rising insurance claims, leading to surging premiums. As you navigate the complexities of property maintenance planning, consider the impact of leak sensors on reducing leaks, insurance costs, and remediation expenses.

Leak sensor solutions can detect before disaster strikes to safeguard your units with non-intrusive monitoring 24/7. Connect solutions enable your maintenance team to receive real-time alerts through your preferred channels (email, text, app) to mitigate risks promptly.

Leaders can rest assured with centralized dashboard access, automatic reporting for ESG needs, and compliance with insurance requirements for proactive detection.

Water Waste Solutions Are Scaling

Flush sensor solutions combat water waste in real-time. Depending on the property, between 5% and 20% of toilets are leaking, contributing to substantial water loss. With a connected solution, you can identify and address leaks instantly with sensors that come with bundled installation. You can customize alert preferences and receive performance reports tailored to your properties.

Understanding the magnitude of unseen water waste is crucial. For instance, with 1,000 units, a daily loss of $8,000* is attributed to leaking toilets alone. This isn’t just about water conservation; it’s about making informed choices that impact your property’s bottom line.

Water Sensors and the Guest Experience

You may be wondering what happens when your dashboard tells you that you’ve got a leak in Room #307. “Yes!” you think, I’m so glad I’ve got this system in place.” But maybe, not so fast. It’s 10 pm and the room is occupied. Now what? Do I disturb the guest? Wait until morning? Sensor technology makes decisions that affect the guest experience easy. A slow toilet leak can wait until housekeeping services. An aggressive water leak behind a wall that can lead to serious risk and injury gets immediate attention. 

Consumers Views on Water and Sustainability

Perhaps you’ve noticed that travel websites now offer consumers the ability to filter search results by “sustainability” scores. CBRE, the commercial real estate behemoth, advises hotel brands to focus on water conservation and waste reduction as consumers demonstrate a growing interest in responsible practices.  

Maybe you want to deliver on sustainable practices, but your more pressing need is reducing operating expenses. Many hotel customers have shared with us that implementing water sensor technology to improve NOI by reducing water and sewer costs also helps them demonstrate progress toward ESG commitments. 

There can be a solution that works for both budget and planet.

You may be wondering if reducing your water-related expenses is possible. Schedule a demo to get an NOI analysis based on your current water and sewer usage, experience a live demo of our monitoring and real-time alert system, and receive a quote customized for your properties. 

We hope you will partner with us to address water waste at scale in hospitality.  

*Calculation based on the U.S. average price of water at $0.02.

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