Testimonial Videos

Marc Menowitz, Apartment Corp CEO

Apartment Corp CEO Marc Menowitz discusses saving water and making money with Sensor Industries.

Colin Fink, RealTech

RealTech Development & Construction's Colin Fink discusses how SI-Flood Sensors help reduce their risk of catastrophic leaks.

Installation Videos

Sensor Industries provides easy-to-follow How-To Videos to help with your installation process. These short run-thru videos are also located on your installation tablet for quick access.

If further assistance needed please call our Customer Service line at (888) 893-6493.

Installing the Gateway

Installing the Gateway is simple and takes just seconds. This short video will show you how to easily connect the Gateway to your router.

Installing the Repeater

Repeaters easily install into any outlet and come with a convenient screw to keep the faceplate and unit securely in place. Make sure the outlet is not GFCI-protected or on a switch that can be turned off.

Installing the Toilet Sensors

Leaking toilets are the #1 source of water waste for multi-unit property owners – easy to fix but hard to find and monitor.

Using the App to Assign Sensors

Easily assign your toilet sensors and repeaters with the Sensor Industries tablet app.

Start Saving!

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