Success Story: Water Savings Triumph in Affordable Housing

Celebrating Proactive Water Management in California

Nestled in Ventura County there is a community that prides itself on preserving its historical charm, embracing recreational opportunities, and safeguarding the environment. One crucial aspect of this healthy future is the responsible use of resources, particularly in affordable housing. The local water department introduced Sensor Industries technology to help its public housing team find the water savings.

Profile: Municipal Housing

Property Details:
100 unit, multi-story apartment building

Problem Solved:
Unreported toilet leaks were wasting water

Connected SI-Flush Sensors were bundled with custom installation, supported by a central dashboard, management, notifications and reporting with access to team of water experts


  • Annual volumetric savings of 920 HCF = 688,160 gallons of water
  • 14.5% year over year reduction in daily water consumption

Reactions to Sensor Industries Solution

The speed of leak detection:
“As soon as we installed the gateway and sensors, we started getting alerts of, you know, leaking toilets!”

How the system works in their maintenance department:
“I use the dashboard daily; I check it first thing in the morning to keep track of any leaking toilets.” and “We can keep track of tenants who don’t report leaky toilets.”

Handling leak notifications:
“The first thing I do when I get a notification either via text or email, I call my maintenance guy who is assigned to that building, to go assess the unit. Once we go into the bathroom with the leak, we first make sure it is not leaking outside, make sure the supply line is good. If it’s leaking inside (the toilet), we check the components (the flapper), which is usually the main cause of the leak.”

The dashboard:
“What I like about the dashboard is that obviously it gives me all the data for every single toilet there in the 522 unit building.”

Working with Sensor Industries:
“My overall impression with the Sensor Industries system is that it’s been great. We’ve caught a lot of leaks and we’re managing all of them.”

“What makes the system valuable to my team is number one, we’re saving water. This system has saved the department money, and most importantly, it has saved us water.”

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