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Harnessing data that utilizes the Internet of Things we identify and eliminate water waste on a massive scale, saving multi-unit property owners thousands in utility costs each month.

Sensor Industries

Our scalable suite of IoT solutions and technologies leverage real-time data to stop catastrophic floods and control water waste that tenants or hotel guests just don’t report.  

SI-Toilet Sensors

More than 20% of ALL TOILETS are leaking and they’re the #1 source of water waste for multi-unit property owners.*

Until now, there was no cost-effective solution to monitor and notify property owners of leak loss.

SI-Leak Sensors

A single undetected flood caused by leaking plumbing, hoses, or appliances can cause catastrophic damage and expenses ranging into the millions.*

The SI-Leak Sensor detects water waste emergencies and alerts you of a flood in real-time via text message.

The Wireless Mesh Network

Sensor Industries’ patent-pending proprietary wireless Mesh network is specifically designed to power a vast network of sensors that monitor and report on a wide array of environmental conditions and building performance systems.

Access to this vital data lowers costs, reduces risks, and provides new revenue opportunities for property owners.

SI-Dash Analytics & Reporting

Our state-of-the-art Dashboard provides a visual, real-time look at your data, empowering your teams to maximize actionable insights, interact with work orders, and manage installed systems.


Hear how our customers leverage SI- solutions to save water and make money!

Marc Menowitz, Apartment Corp CEO

Apartment Corp CEO Marc Menowitz discusses saving water and making money with Sensor Industries.

Colin Fink, RealTech Development & Construction

RealTech Development & Construction’s Colin Fink discusses how SI-Flood Sensors help reduce their risk of catastrophic leaks.

SI-Sensors – How They Work

Easily inserted between the supply line and fill valve on any toilet, SI-Toilet Sensors monitor and report each time a toilet is flushed and water fills the tank. Our patent-pending sensor design is sleek yet durable and includes a micro-computer, radio board, reed switch and small magnet. When water flows into the toilet, the magnet is pushed up by water pressure – it then closes the reed switch and counts time. When the water stops, the magnet drops and the time packet is sent through the SI-Mesh network and up to our cloud servers for analysis. If a leak is detected, a real-time text message alert is sent to the building manager to minimize water waste and unnecessary water costs.

The SI-Flood Sensor installs with ease and security in any pain point area! We offer multiple varieties to capture any leak in any place! Utilizing the latest in water detection technology, the SI-Flood Sensor detects flowing or freestanding water and emits an alert to your email or phone within seconds giving you complete control and security over the health and status of your property.

Water Waste Facts

With an average of 20% of all toilets leaking, multi-unit property owners lose thousands of dollars in wasted water each day. Sensor Industries lets you know when water is leaking because your tenants never will!
The average toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day.


City of Daytona Beach

A medium sized toilet leak wastes 250 gallons per day.


New York City Environmental Protection

More than 20% of gravity-flush toilets leak.


Southeastern Water Association

About 20% of all toilets leak.


Saint Paul Regional Water Services

Water can flow through an open fill valve at a rate of three to five gallons per minute.


New York City Environmental Protection

It is estimated that 20% of all toilets leak!


City of Kirkland Washington

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