Owner Increased Property Value by $1.3 Million in One Year

RiverPointe Apartments, Columbus, Ohio

164 Units – 328 Toilets

Total Hardware Investment:   $21,980

Including: Sensors, Repeaters, Gateway

Year 1 MaaS Subscription Fee:   $7,872

Total Investment $29,852
Annual Savings $87,492
ROI Payback 4.1 months

Owner was paying $21k+/mo for water before installing sensors in October 2018.
Water bill dropped to $14k.
Sensor Industries increased the owner’s property value by $1.3M in the first year!

Hear from the owner:

Systems were monitored for one month prior to maintenance engineers taking action. Stuck open leaks (in red) were drastically reduced immediately and the water bill plunged.

Sensor Industries provides cost-effective solutions and technologies that identify and control unseen wasted water to save multi-unit property owners thousands each month in utility costs.

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