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Beta 4.2 Release Notes

Contact/Alert Management, Performance Improvements & Fixes

Here’s what’s new on the Dashboard.

You can now manage contacts and alert settings on your dashboard:
Contacts can be created and assigned to complexes in a single submission
Contacts can be edited to assign to more complexes and change alert settings
Contacts can be deleted when they are no longer needed
Toilet Alert settings are more detailed:
Three stages of alerts, each can be customized and disabled
Initial Leak Alert – Triggered at customizable Complex level threshold
Still Leaking Alert – If a toilet continues to leak for 1-5 hours
Long Leak Alert – For catastrophic leaks that are continuing to be unresolved (6+ hours)
Reworked the pop-up table on core charts which allows you to see the data behind each point. This is an incredibly detailed function which can contribute to long page load times. Now it will only run when you request it.
Made core tables for Repeaters and Sensors more contextual. They will only show up when items exist to populate them.

Here’s what was fixed on the Dashboard.

Fixed missing border on accordions with only one item.
Fixed issue – advanced user creation overwriting selected persona.

Here’s what you have to look forward to on the Dashboard.

Auto-generated work orders based off of your system’s performance.
Replacing “Past Leaks” and “Currently” leaking with a generated work order that only collects items that have crossed a severity threshold.
Reducing clutter on work orders and helping target essential problems.
Tracking work order history of a specific unit or toilet to build a profile of trouble spots. If the same toilet is on the weekly report more than once, it will be flagged accordingly.

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