Eliminate Water Waste at Scale

We help commercial real-estate owners lower operating costs, protect their properties, and increase sustainability with water technology

Proactive Water Intelligence

Our solutions proactively detect catastrophic leaks and rescue unseen water waste from toilet leaks by monitoring and reporting in real-time.

Centralized Dashboard

Sensor technology includes:

  • Sensors with custom installation
  • Monitoring, alerts and access to water experts
  • Central management and reporting

Water Leak Solution

  • Proactively detect leaks to avoid water damage to multiple floors
  • Preserve your maintenance budget
  • Avoid higher insurance premiums

Toilet Leak Solution

  • 5-20% of apartment toilets are leaking, wasting up to 5,000 gallons per day
  • Rest assured with real-time monitoring, alerts and reporting
  • Save water to make an environmental impact and support ESG goals

Good for Business and the Planet

Higher net operating income from lower water and sewer bills, reduced insurance premiums, and lower leak remediation costs while saving water. Our water know-how helps multi-unit dwelling operators benefit from sensor technology at scale.

Water intelligence solutions designed for

Affordable Housing | Apartments | Hotels | Senior Living | Student Housing

We are the catalyst for meaningful water savings around the U.S

Gallons of Water Analyzed

Sensors Installed Under Active Monitoring

Million Days of Toilet Data Monitoring

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