You don’t need a PhD in applied mathematics to solve this problem …

Reduce overall water costs by over 20%!

Eliminate flood claims by 100%!


Sensor Industries’ IoT devices and MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) deliver 24/7 actionable insights that increase net operating income, reduce water waste on a massive scale and mitigate risk.

SI-Flood and SI-Toilet Sensors easily install with no plumber needed. SI-Repeaters are plugged in throughout the property to create a wireless mesh network. A single SI-Gateway is connected to the internet and transmits data that is fed into SI-Dash and alerts are sent to the customer in real-time.

Sensor Industries’ Advantage

Proven track record with thousands of deployed, active sensors

Over 4 million days of data utilized for ongoing product optimization

Best-in-class enterprise level solutions

Customizable systems integration and layering

Highly competitive pricing

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