Hospitality Water and Cost Savings Summary

Sensor Industries’ IoT devices and MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) deliver 24/7 actionable insights that increase net operating income, reduce water waste on a massive scale and mitigate risk.

(Visual: full stack of sensors, repeaters and gateways – patent pending – monitoring and notification software)

Did you know…

Leaking toilets are the #1 source of water waste in hotels and lodging facilities.
A stuck open flapper can leak up to 5000 gallons of water PER DAY!
Guests rarely report toilets leaks to management or maintenance.

Toilet Sensors

A cost-effective solution to monitor and report leak loss

Cost Savings 100 rooms 300 rooms
Per Room/Per Annum $332 $332
Overall Annual Savings $33,235 $99,704
ROI Payback 6 months 6 months
Hardware Investment $11,837 $35,510
MaaS Subscription $4,015 $12,045
Installation $2700 $8100
Total Investment $18,552 $55,656

(Savings and costs averaged using current client data/case studies.)

Did you know…

$20,000–$60,000 is the typical range claim for flood damage
It’s not uncommon for flood claims to exceed $1 million.
There is an average of one flood incident per week per (how many rooms)

Flood Sensors

An economical solution to preventing catastrophic damage and expense
(table of Cost Savings – waiting on info from Nick)

(Illustration iso/cutaway of flood sensor installation at hotel)
Typical SI Flood Sensor configuration based on 2 flood sensors per room and associated risk areas, such as employee kitchen area and laundry facilities.

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