SI-Flood Sensors

SI-Flood Sensors detect catastrophic leaks and notify you before disaster strikes.

SI-Flood Sensors

Each year property owners spend millions of dollars repairing damage from indoor floods. If undetected because the tenant is away or sleeping, damage can quickly climb into the tens of thousands of dollars. However, when the flood is caught early on, massive damage potential can be drastically reduced. The SI-Flood Sensor provides such protection by harnessing the power of our SI-Mesh wireless network to alert you of a flood before it’s too late.


Floods caused by leaking plumbing, hoses, and appliances cause catastrophic damage and expense.

SI-Flood Sensors – How They Work

The SI-Flood Sensor easily installs with one screw to the baseboard of any wall. When the SI-Flood Sensor detects standing or flowing water on the floor, the device immediately emits an audible alarm to alert or awaken the tenant. If the flood is not stopped within 3 minutes, the SI-Mesh system will report the problem and alert property management via text message and email.

Flood Sensors Work!

“In the past we had on average a flood a month that would require repairs. Some of these floods were severe that resulted in the millions of dollars in damages.

We have not had an uncaught flood, or even a minor one, since we installed the system.”

Jeffrey Buttikofer
CFO, COO, Realtech Construction Co.

22 and 18 story high-rise medical office buildings in Los Angeles
Almost 1000 flood sensors installed in both

SI-Dash Reporting

Si-Dash – our comprehensive analytics dashboard monitors all units 24/7 and alerts you to any potential problems as they occur. By tracking every sensor in your building it’s easy to determine the exact culprit anytime there is a flood, allowing you to complete precise and timely repairs. Set your preferences to receive frequent emails and monthly analytics on how each of your properties and their units are performing.

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